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The closure of the Turkish straits to all warships has drawn attention to the maritime dimension of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. From a tactical and operational perspective, Russian naval forces have already contributed, albeit in a limited way, to the current invasion of

The shortage of semiconductors, which became a global problem in 2021, affected many industries, from car to refrigerator manufacturers. This issue also left its mark on the land freight industry, restricting the production and sale of new trucks. Where’s the beginning? Although

The UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) have completed new digital air cargo technical specifications guidance. The new guidance is designed to help to accelerate the transition towards safer and more resilient

As the industry battles with the latest wave of disruption from Covid-19 traditional thinking and practices are becoming redundant, if not outright liabilities, writes Ian Putzger. The Omicron virus may be less deadly than prior variants of the virus, but it

Air cargo growth slowed in November as supply chain issues affected demand, according to airline association IATA. The group’s latest figures show that air cargo demand in cargo tonne km (CTK) terms in November increased by 3.7% compared with 2019 levels

The White House on Wednesday lauded improvements in clogged U.S. supply chains, with more goods moving than ever before, but said more work was needed to ensure fair competition in a global shipping sector dominated by three alliances of ocean

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