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As part of a $175M grant for 68 novel clean energy technology projects from the U.S. Department of Energy, these four offer promise in helping the maritime industry meet its decarbonization goals. Makai Ocean Engineering – Waimanalo, HI Remotely Installed Anchorages

Port operations across the country are vital to America’s economy, often coming at a cost to health and welfare of neighboring communities—notably, by emitting harmful emissions and producing poor air quality. Incorporating propane can help ports support economic growth while safeguarding

The European Commission has proposed adding shipping to the bloc's carbon market for the first time, in a move that is set to shake up the industry after years of avoiding pollution charges by the bloc. But already there is disagreement

Global supplier of wind propulsion, Anemoi Marine, believes Rotor Sails - which are unique, tall cylindrical sails that can be installed on the deck of commercial vessels - offer an immediate and compelling solution for shipowners working to reduce vessel

Japanese-Australian venture producing hydrogen from brown coal is set to ship its maiden cargo on the world's first liquid hydrogen carrier from near Melbourne to Kobe on Friday, in a test delayed by nearly a year because of the COVID-19

A French ro-ro ship will be the first commercial vessel to trial a novel wind-assisted propulsion system designed to curb emissions from shipping Airseas said it has installed its Seawing system on the vessel Ville de Bordeaux owned and operated by

Norway's Kongsberg has announced "a world first" by testing and verifying a full-scale, full-size, zero-emissions drivetrain powered by hydrogen fuel cells designed for ships and ferries. The project demonstrates that the technology is now mature for using hydrogen (H2) as an

In recent years, more and more haulers have started to look at environmentally friendly transport and are moving towards the goal of becoming climate-neutral, or at least reducing the negative environmental impact of their operations. Company marketing teams are working

Yara Birkeland, the world's first electric and self-propelled container ship has set off for its maiden voyage in the Oslo fjord in Norway. No Friday, today, the Norwegian Prime Minister was given a tour by the CEO of Yara, Svein Tore

Despite transporting roughly 90% of the world’s cargo, the shipping industry has so far been underrepresented in the global decarbonization discussion. This rhetoric is however changing. For the first time in history, shipping was officially on the agenda at the

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