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Access to both Ukrainian and Russian airspace is now minimal to non-existent for many countries across the globe due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. As a result, many flights are diverting south, but with some airspaces in the Middle East

It seems that 2022 will once again be a year of cargo charter flights for freight forwarders. James Gagne, president and chief executive of Seko Logistics, outlined a challenging market for freight forwarders in 2022. He highlighted ongoing issues in ocean shipping,

With 2022 off to a busy start, Air Cargo News caught up with a range of companies to find out what their expectations are for the coming 11 months. Damian Brett reports. Around September last year, the air cargo industry was

Air cargo capacity continued to edge back towards 2019 levels at the end of November but strong demand and congestion has continued to push up prices on the transpacific. Figures from Accenture’s Seabury Consulting show that air cargo capacity in the

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