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The war in Ukraine and the harsh sanctions against Russia have affected the market situation in many sectors, including logistics and freight. Since 24 February, when Russian tanks crossed the Ukrainian border, the global supply chain has seen a sharp

Freight forwarders are warning of higher supply chain costs as the impact of the invasion of Ukraine disrupts transportation operations. The forwarding sector said the airspace restrictions imposed by Russia, European states, Canada, the UK and in North America were forcing

Strong air cargo growth is expected to continue in the first half of 2022, but with continued pressure on capacity, writes Ian Putzger. Despite, and partly because of, ongoing turbulence, air cargo keeps going strong. The industry flew through 2021 with

A potential invasion of Ukraine by neighboring Russia would be felt across a number of markets, from wheat and energy prices and the region's sovereign dollar bonds to safe have assets. Below are four charts showing where a potential escalation of