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Ocean freight costs are likely to remain high in 2022 as investors and regulators scramble to accelerate decarbonization of the shipping industry and companies grapple with green financing, sources say. Shipping, which transports about 90% of world trade and accounts for

In recent years, more and more haulers have started to look at environmentally friendly transport and are moving towards the goal of becoming climate-neutral, or at least reducing the negative environmental impact of their operations. Company marketing teams are working

A coalition of 19 countries including Britain and the United States on Wednesday agreed to create zero emissions shipping trade routes between ports to speed up the decarbonization of the global maritime industry, officials involved said. Shipping, which transports about 90%

The Port of Rotterdam together with German steel companies thyssenkrupp Steel and HKM is to investigate setting up international supply chains for hydrogen. In the course of their transformation paths towards climate-neutral steel making, thyssenkrupp Steel and HKM are going

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