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Tackling underwater noise pollution

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Sinay is helping tackle underwater noise pollution in the Mediterranean Sea.

The company uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify the noise level produced by humans which negatively affects marine life. The Sinay Hub dedicated Underwater Acoustics Module is a single digital platform where data is gathered and transformed into key indicators thanks to advanced AI technologies and Sinay’s AI experts.

“We are digitalizing the oceans to better understand them and enable the various stakeholders to manage the maritime space optimally and make informed decisions.” Said, Yanis Souami Sinay’s founder.

“Algorithms work flat out on our platform’s big servers, performing calculations encompassing the entire Mediterranean.”

Developed for ACCOBAMS (the Agreement for the Conservation of Cetaceans of the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Contiguous Atlantic Area), the Sinay Hub Module can help provide insight on air quality, water quality, aerial noise, underwater acoustics and sea life.

The Module analyses complex data streams such as real-time maritime traffic, wind farm layout, seismic zones, oceanographic data, the presence of marine life, and live data from drones.

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