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New packaging saves weight and plastic for Bolloré

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Bolloré Logistics in the US and at Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle are now using sustainable packaging for air shipments from Paris to Chicago, saving 12kg of deadweight in the process.

Two pallets have already been transported using the new material in February and others will be scheduled shortly in partnership with two major airlines, says the forwarder, now part of CMA CGM Group.

Regional director, Bolloré Logistics Midwest, Emilie Foray, commented: “Bolloré Logistics Chicago and Paris CDG opted to make a practical choice to minimize their environmental impact by investing in reusable pallet covers. Single-use packaging materials like plastic wraps are significant contributors to waste in landfills as they are often discarded after only one use. Choosing reusable pallet covers over single-use option is a cost-effective solution and contributes to a sustainable future.”

In 2022, Bolloré Logistics launched its Recycle programme to promote the reuse of consumables for transport and logistics, with packaging stock and, where applicable, reverse logistics managed through a dedicated web and mobile application.

The forwarder has used sustainable packaging in its Americas’ region for many years now with reusable pallet wraps, straps, collapsible boxes for store deliveries and a container isothermal kit for shipments to Montreal in winter, saving over two tonnes of plastic since 2021.

Corporate social responsibility manager for Bolloré Logistics Americas, Camille Vanderghote, added: “We are looking to extend this initiative to other customers in the region. We have been working on different options lately to limit the use of plastic film and other consumables and we will keep encouraging and promoting their use as part a global offer combining our expertise in transport and logistics and commitment for a greener supply chain.”

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